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At Cardinal Custom Construction, our design and build team can help you with many of your home addition projects. Whether you are looking to add space to an existing room by building and adding a bump out, or create a completely new area to your property and home, our expert contractors and builders can help you turn your vision into reality.

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Looking for help with home additions?

If you are looking for help with home additions, our team of experts are here to assist. With project efficiencies that can help you save up to 30% in overall cost, contact us at Cardinal Custom Construction to learn more. Take advantage of our Free In-Home Consultation when you call today!

Popular home addition projects is our specialty
There are many popular home addition projects we at Cardinal Custom Construction specialize in building. We understand that many of our clients look to us to help them navigate through this process, which is why having experience on your side can make a tremendous difference not only with completing the project, but also improving curbside appeal, adding utility efficiencies, and increasing your home’s value. These are just a few examples of things we keep front of mind for you, so there are no future surprises.

Here are a few of the more common home addition projects we specialize in and more:

In-Law Unit Additions

These types of additions are generally stand-alone buildings that are built into any side of your home. They usually will include features like a living room, kitchen or kitchenette, a master bedroom, closet, and full bath. This type of addition is used to provide guests with their own mini-home in a sense. Therefore, if they are there for any type of extended period of time, they can use the In-Law Addition much like a second temporary home.

Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen Additions

As the name suggests, anytime you are looking to add a new bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, this is the type of addition necessary to create this new space.

Bump Outs and Extensions

This type of addition is used when adding space to an existing room is needed. Whether you are looking to expand a master bedroom, add space to your living room, or extend space in a kitchen or elsewhere in your home, bump outs can help you achieve adding space where needed.

Second Story Additions and Two-Story Additions

Although they appear to be two in the same, they are actually different types of additions that achieve two different effects. Second story additions are when you have a one-story home that you are looking to add a second story. Two story additions, however, are when you have a second story, but are looking to add additional space to that second story to accommodate more space on the second floor.
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