Do you frequently find yourself dissatisfied with your bathroom and complain nonstop about the things that irritate you? Have you been daydreaming of a complete bathroom renovation that would be refreshing?

If you’ve been considering bathroom remodeling, no matter how big or small, you probably have questions and worries regarding how to keep your redesign practical, cheap, and appealing.

Will the remodeling of your bathroom require a permit? What colors are popular right now for remodeling bathrooms? What alternatives do you have for tiling? We advise you to start by determining why you need to renovate your bathroom. 

There are telltale signals that remodeling and bathroom upgrades are necessary anytime soon. There are several reasons why you require a bathroom renovation, including outdated decor, accumulated damage, harsh lighting, and insufficient storage.

Cardinal Custom Construction’s bathroom remodeling experts present the 7 most clear signals that your bathroom needs an upgrade, as well as some inspiring solutions ranging from tasteful tubs to brilliant shower stalls.

1. The Décor Is Not You And Is Outdated

If there is one indication that a bathroom renovation is long overdue, it is that the furnishings and colors appear old. Perhaps your tastes have shifted, or perhaps trends have shifted. Whatever the reason, the first indication that a total bathroom makeover may be required is if you find your bathroom color to be unpleasant.

Color is the first crucial choice and a creative starting point when it comes to bathroom makeovers. It is not only the most visible feature of a space, but it also reflects your personal style and taste.

Take your time thinking about your choice of colors; there’s no point in rushing into a hue you could end up disliking. If you’re unsure, subtle tones and neutral hues are everything you need for a quick and obvious change.

If bathroom remodeling is in your plans, the style and color of your bathroom tile will also be a major factor. Most bathroom upgrades are mostly driven by outdated wall tiles.

When some of your current tiles are older and prominently exhibited, vintage aesthetics are simple to move to and stay on trend. Neutral tiles can help you in creating a classic bathroom design that may be modified when colors and trends change.

2. The Layout Is Overcrowded

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Sadly, most bathrooms lack enough space for modern purposes, and older estates rarely have enough bathrooms. Another indication that some restructuring is necessary is if you’re having trouble with the bathroom’s size, design, or organization.

When navigating the space, do you frequently trip over the toilet or have to squeeze past the sink to reach the shower? These are issues that can be addressed by a bathroom makeover or remodel.

A bathroom can be designed in a variety of ways to maximize available space and provide a sense of luxury. There are numerous appealing space-saving ideas to be found that will make greater use of the area without having to enlarge the size of the room. Keep it simple by repositioning the organizational elements, or go all out by replacing an older bathroom essential with a contemporary model.

A permit is often needed to carry out a comprehensive bathroom makeover. When do permits become necessary? If you are not changing the construction of the flat, likely, you will not require permission to proceed with your bathroom renovation. Most interior work does not require permission, but if you are changing plumbing, you may need to seek a permit to complete your bathroom remodeling goals.

3. Damage Is Immediately Visible (Leaks, Smell, Humidity, etc.)

You must commit to a bathroom makeover if parts of your bathroom are leaking or the stench of mildew is overpowering. If you want to take a less drastic approach, you might be questioning why you need to completely renovate your bathroom rather than just give it a fresh coat of paint.

Nevertheless, the truth is that when damage is already there, you need to act quickly before it worsens. Also, if you are embarrassed to provide your toilet to guests, you should not have to question if you should go with the makeover.

If something is unattractive or moldy, it should not be salvaged and should be replaced immediately. If there is corrosion or limescale, it must be removed. You can overcome these issues by modernizing fixtures and fittings throughout your bathroom renovation (and saving water too).

Making sure your bathroom has adequate ventilation can help to eliminate unpleasant bathroom scents. These more difficult remodeling tasks are part of a proper renovation so that even the bathroom’s less spectacular components are taken good care of.

4. Improper Lighting

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It is unnecessary to question the need for a bathroom remodel if the lighting is so intense in the morning that it blinds you or so dark in the evening that you can hardly see your own face in the mirror.

Many do-it-yourself bathroom renovations frequently overlook the significance of lighting to focus on more aesthetic components, even though proper lighting is essential to reinventing the entire mood of the space.

Don’t overlook lighting while remodeling your bathroom. A properly lighted room can make an incredible impact, and even if you regret changing a decorative item or wall paint, you will never regret updating your lighting. For your bathroom makeover, we advise installing a dimmer switch so you may select the degree of brightness and change the lighting as needed.

5. Limited Storage

One of the main justifications for remodeling your bathroom is if you don’t have enough place to store bathroom accessories. A bathroom makeover can help you give all of the space you require without wasting valuable space with bulky store-bought organizers.

Your bathroom will not only appear and feel more opulent when everything is put in its place, but it will also be simpler for you to move around in what may already be a tiny or confined area.

There are many bathroom storage options that you may incorporate into your complete bathroom renovation, which could end up being the bathroom’s standout feature.

6. It’s Too Small For Your Needs

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What kind of space do you need to comfortably carry out your daily activities? Making your bathroom larger with a complete bathroom remodel may be beneficial if you find yourself feeling crowded when applying makeup or shaving in the morning.

Without the help of a design expert, a plan may only be altered so much; nevertheless, a complete bathroom remodel can expand your area. As we already mentioned, consult your designer about the necessity for a permit before starting any bathroom remodeling projects that involve shifting or demolishing walls or any other type of home extension.

Why Is Bathroom Renovation Effective?

The bathrooms in your space are a key selling element when you put them on the market. In many cases, remodeling the bathroom is necessary before selling your home.

The market worth of your property might rise dramatically as a result of bathroom remodeling, and it may be this improvement that convinces a buyer to buy your house.

You might find it more challenging to sell your home if your bathroom is a little outdated and in need of a serious remodel. Increase interest by working on your bathroom thanks to the installation of some new upgrades.

Bathroom Remodeling Services In California

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