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General Contractors

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Finding a capable and reliable general contractor can be comparable to searching for a needle in a tub full of broken glass. Not only is it extremely difficult and a seriously tedious chore, it can be downright dangerous if you hire the wrong general contractor who doesn’t know what they are doing. At Cardinal Custom Construction, we go to great lengths to make sure we employ the best of the best. Our general contractor’s sole purpose is to deliver an outstanding experience, while organizing, coordinating, and executing your remodeling project from start to finish. They will also be responsible for providing you with an exceptional finished product that is safe and able to stand the test of time.

Our experienced general contractors can help you with a variety of projects, regardless of whether you’re renovating or doing a large complete remodel of your home. Their responsibility will be to take your visions and help you with architectural ideas to design, develop, and deploy your project. Our general contractors are also responsible for assembling our home improvement expert teams who execute specific tasks in order to complete your renovation or remodel. Having a knowledgeable and experienced general contractor to help facilitate this coordination effort is ever more important in today’s remodeling industry than ever before.

Cardinal Custom Construction General Contractor finds and coordinates the right people.

A typical kitchen remodel can take an average of between five to six weeks to complete. Our Cardinal Custom Construction General Contractor will use our established network of Home Improvement Experts to fulfill each of their specific roles necessary to complete the kitchen remodel. Such as having an expert electrician who handles running power to new appliances, updating and installing new lighting, replacing outdated power receptacle outlets, and so forth. Then having an expert Plumber who installs new piping, sinks and faucets, garbage disposals, runs new gas lines, and more. Then we bring in the expert Cabinet Contractors to install new cabinets or refinish existing cabinets. Next is bringing in the expert Countertop Contractors to help install new counters and backsplashes. Then here comes the expert Flooring Contractors to install new tile or other types of flooring products. The list goes on. As you can imagine, this can be a lot for you to have to take on yourself in addition to having to screen and vet each contractor.

Your Cardinal Custom Construction General Contractor not only takes care of bringing in the right people to complete their job, but also coordinates the project so that all the Home Improvement Experts are not in each other’s way. This can ensure efficient turnaround time in installations and maintain a happy work environment without distraction. Best of all, having our skilled general contractors on the job means there are many tasks themselves they can fulfill directly. This can help you save cost on some of the work required to complete your project.

While there are many other benefits of having a Cardinal Custom Construction General Contractor leading the charge, we welcome you to contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your next remodeling or renovation project. Call us today for a Free In-Home Consultation!

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