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It’s becoming increasingly popular for homeowners throughout the Peninsula to expand their homes by adding basements. There are many benefits you can gain from this type of addition beyond simply adding square footage. That is why having the expert contractors at Cardinal Custom Construction, with over 20 years of experience to leverage, can help you capitalize on many of these benefits.

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Learn more about how we can help you save up to 30% in basement building cost when you contact the Cardinal Custom Construction experts. Call today to take advantage of our Free In-Home Consultation!

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Did you know that when you add a basement to your home, you are creating additional space that is Free of Property Tax Assessment? This means you have tax-free portions of your property that you don’t have to pay on, unlike other space you add to your home. In addition to saving money on your taxes, adding a basement can add substantial resale value to your home so that you can maximize your return on investment when it’s time to sell. These are just a few of the efficiencies we can help you create when adding a basement to your home.
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